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The Practice will help define your presence on camera by working with you to improve your odds of booking your auditions. This is NOT a class.  It is a SAFE and intimate environment to help actors sharpen their on-camera acting skills.   You will learn how to enhance your connection to the text and the camera and how to quickly make the choices that will work best for YOU in an audition.  

We meet monthly, for special Saturday AM sessions.  These sessions are facilitated by professional actors with a combined 40 years of experience in Film, Television and Theater.  Often we invite surprise "Guest Facilitators".   The Practice is an opportunity for you to be come completely comfortable in front of the camera.

Ages 16 and older.



Practice Makes Perfect!

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Topher Payne

Shemica Young-PR Specialist

Michael Gillespie-TPS

Andrea Frye

Lark Hacksaw

Kathy Hardegree

Victoria Temple-PeopleStore

Shay Bentley-Griffen

Gary Yates

Steve Coulter

Clayton Landey

Shon Middlebrooks

Brenda Pauley-PeopleStore

Susan Shalloub

Shilla Benning

Rick Estimond

Thom Milam-People Store


In 2011, a few actors got together to try and work through and identify their shortcomings for on camera auditions.   The tax incentive had not yet pushed the film and TV  industry in Atlanta to the overwhelming number of projects we see here today. So auditions were sparse and  rejections were numerous.  In order to be camera-ready, we auditioned whatever text we could get our hands on and viewed playback of these auditions and critiqued what we saw.  over that year something amazing happened for each of us,  we started booking.   By winter of that year we wanted to offer this "practice" opportunity to as many people as we could.

We formed " The Practice" in February, 2012.


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The Practice is a working workshop.  Each participant will receive sides to prepare 1-2 days before the session.   We often have a different focus for each session.  We will tape your audition with a reader, then play it back for analysis.  We start with input from you, then from other actors & facilitators in the session.  Armed with this input you will retape and review your progress.